Yum Search, Install and Remove packages (CentOS)

Yum is a powerful repository management tool available in all Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora distributions. It allows you to install common packages immediately, removing the need to manually compile from source.

Search Packages in Yum

Searching available packages in Yum is easy, simply issue the following to search all packages named ‘nmap’:

yum list nmap

Additionally, you can search for only installed packages by adjusting the command to:

yum list installed nmap

If you wanted to, you can also use a wildcard to broaden your search:

yum list installed nmap*

You can also list installed groups with Yum via the following command:

yum grouplist

To be more specific, you can issue:

yum grouplist Development*

Installing Packages using Yum

Searching was easy, so is installing. Here’s an example of using Yum to install nmap:

yum install nmap

Removing / Uninstalling Packages in Apt-Get

Need to remove an installed package using Apt-Get? Issue the following command to remove nmap using Yum:

yum remove nmap