Change Bind DNS Version on CentOS

It’s always a good idea to hide or change the Bind DNS nameserver version. If an attacker knows the version of Bind you are running, it’ll give them clues as to how they can exploit it. This is called security through obscurity.

Assuming you have Bind 9 installed on your CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu box, login via SSH and follow the commands below.

First, head to your Bind options file. This file is usually in /etc/named.conf:

vim /etc/named.conf

In the options {} stanza, adjust or add version "Hello DNS World";, e.g:

options {
  directory "/var/named";
  version "Hello DNS World";

To report no version, simply leave the version directive empty:

options {
  directory "/var/named";
  version "";

When we run the same check this time, the it will report either no version or “Hello DNS World”, e.g:

version.bind.           0       CH      TXT     "Hello DNS World"

Any questions? Ask me in the comments below!


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