Install Teamspeak 3 on CentOS 6

Ever wanted your own Teamspeak 3 Server? I’ve built a script that will install a secure copy of Teamspeak 3 (64 bit) on CentOS 6.4.

Simply run the following set of commands on your CentOS 6.4 server to install a secure Teamspeak 3 voice server:


  • @todo: Install TS3 into a chroot environment
  • This script denies access to all ports, excluding HTTP, DNS, SSH and the necessary Teamspeak ports
  • The mirror ( is an official Teamspeak 3 mirror
  • Teamspeak will run under the unprivileged ‘teamspeak’ user
  • Teamspeak will automatically run at startup via the official Teamspeak 3 init.d startup script. Chkconfig support is added via sed

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